Hot Track: October Drift – Come and Find Me

44571342_2220799091520755_1581962971968438272_nBy Jack

Doom-rockers October Drift have been casting their ghostly pall over the indie scene for a little while now. A follow up to the excellent ‘All Broken Down’ released earlier this year, ‘Come and Find Me’ is another sublime slice of thrashy grunge rock.

The band’s calling card will forever be the smoky timbre of singer Kiran Roy. His passionate baritone booms across ‘Come and Find Me’, matched in force every step of the way by churning guitars and frenzied drumming. We get yet another great chorus, as OD show a willingness to apply the norms of pop to their sound. The song is peppered with brilliant couplets – “I’m the lucky one / I’m a loaded gun” – that are are memorable as they are impenetrable.

If you go to the video for answers you won’t get many – it’s shot in a YMCA and the band are packing matching PE kit. A basketball court hasn’t hosted riffing of this magnitude since ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, though if there’s some subtext to playing an angry song in a gym I’m missing it – I hated the bleep test as well.

There’s zero compromise from the Taunton band. Their sound is raw and unfiltered. It isn’t so much that October Drift are reading from their own hymn sheet as much as they’ve set up their own episcopal church.

They’ve long been dependable, but this year October Drift are dipping into sheer brilliance. Enigmatic as ever, October Drift just go their own way.

Follow October Drift here.

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