A fake band just pretended to sell out a UK tour


By Jack

Meet Threatin: the American band who this month sold out a UK tour…even though it wasn’t sold out, it wasn’t strictly speaking a tour, and Threatin isn’t a band it’s actually just one guy.


If this incredible image of singer Jered Threatin holding a Union Jack displaying the clear signs of having just come out the cellophane packaging is getting you excited, then I’m sorry but the tour is over and I don’t think he’s coming back.

However if you did attend, you would be one of maybe 8 people to have done so.

The tl:dr version of the Threatin scam is this – he lied about everything. Having secured a series of shows at several small venues in the UK, the promoter claimed that he had sold out the shows. The promoter was most likely Jered himself, as goes for his manager and his label. In truth not a single ticket had been sold. The only people who showed up to their opening show at the Exchange in Bristol was Threatin’s tour manager and the opening band’s guestlist. These were joined by the opener Ghost of Machines themselves, presumably out of a sense of morbid obligation.

The venue threatened to pull the plug when it was obvious the 180 pre-sale tickets were not going to be redeemed. The 100+ people attending the Facebook event all had their accounts based in Brazil. Jered had to pay the venue upfront, before playing to an empty room.

This bizarre non-gig was repeated at The Underworld in Camden and Birmingham too, where to Threatin’s credit one ticket was actually sold. This is their latest music video by the way…

…so make of that what you will.

Threatin have been accused of buying likes and follows on Facebook and Instagram, which is as of yet unverified, besides this tweet.

However, a brief look at the Youtube comments reveals the following entirely legitimate comment:

threat 2

But at least Mark Wiens Vancouver Real Estate enjoyed it.

threat snippetAlso:

threat 4

Christy B. isn’t a bot though is she?

threat 5

The farrago of shit surrounding Threatin may be the greatest and most baffling pop culture event of the year, as least as far as rock music is concerned. But is it a hoax? Is Jered some kind of evil genius? I hope not. It’s funnier this way.

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