Hot Track: Late Night Legacy – Sunny


By Jack

A two-speed slow burner, ‘Sunny’ is Late Night Legacy’s ode to missing friends and crippling FOMO.

While usually exploring the spikier end of grunge and 90s alt-rock, ‘Sunny’ finds the four-piece in a mellower mood. There’s an ease to this that is just irresistible. The choruses are bouncy enough to allow some greater intensity in a live setting, but taken as is, ‘Sunny’ is smooth as butter.

Last time we heard the Legacy boys they were baiting a riot on ‘Beat Up’. This style is surely the band’s strong suit, however ‘Sunny’ is a successful attempt at expansion. Singer Ryan Kitto is able to channel his characteristic snarl into a heartfelt barritone, whilst guitarist Rob Orange is still able to draw some funky and upbeat progressions from the guitar. Also, there’s a third verse rap. Just to keep you on your toes.

What’s more the ability of the band to play off each other and the jam-like feel of their music is intact. This is Late Night Legacy’s USP. Whether raising hell or watching the clouds, they have a knack for taking the simple kinetic energy of four men playing in a room and subverting it in enjoyable and exciting ways.

There’s a fearlessness to LNL that makes them essentially irresistible. There’s a willingness to go that one step further, to avoid the easy route, and to push the boundaries of their sound where so many are happy to stick within the chalked lines. Whether it’s their consistently outrageous MV’s (this one featuring homesick mimes) or taking the alt-rock tropes of yesteryear and making a torch song, it really is go hard or go home. On ‘Sunny’ the band have their own ‘Scar Tissue‘.

Follow Late Night Legacy here.

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