The Americans – Beat era storytellers set to take Europe



By Jack

The acoustic twang of The Americans is the essence of pure Americana. A blend of folk, blues and rock & roll, the LA trio follow in the footsteps of Johnny Cash & Tom Petty.

However, the band they most resemble are not Americans at all – but their Canadian forebears (and similarly autological) The Band. They share a fascination with Civil War era America, folklore re-imagined as Dixie rock.

‘I’ll Be Yours’ is a peppery acoustic. A single acoustic guitar supplements the snarl of singer Patrick Ferris, before keys and banjo elevate it to a campfire lit anthem. Elsewhere the band evoke the spirit of bluegrass. ‘Hooky’ is pure country choogle, an energetic and colourful tale of adolescent misadventure.

Debut album I’ll Be Yours features two stand-out collabs with fellow folkies Sister Act. ‘Last Chance’ has the kind of chorus that swells and swells, over a static beat that draws attention to the graceful flourish of each chorus, building on the next. ‘Long Way From Home’ sounds like a Chuck Berry song, a streetcar-hopping jam.

Whether telling stories of times long ago, imagined or otherwise, about appreciating the weirdness of the everyday, lamenting friends and romance lost to the past, or simply the mercurial pleasures of the here and now, The Americans are a band beyond their years. As an authentic taste of true Americana and beat-era sensibilities, no one is quite like them. A band that’s irresistible as the call of the open road.

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