5 Alternative Halloween Bangers


By Jack

When you reach for some spooky tunage this Hallows Eve, go beyond the classics. Because there’s only three. ‘Thriller’ by MJ, ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ by Rockwell (but we’re just here for the MJ hook) and of course ‘The Monster Mash’. These are all great of course – bar Rockwell who might be the worst MC since that UKIP gammon who tried to sing cod-reggae – but it’s time to delve deeper. Here are some juicy cuts for you.

Le Matos – Halloween II Theme

The Halloween theme is one of the all time greats – but here it presents in a sweaty rave form intended to serve as drug marathon finale. The Inception bass ‘bwaaaaas’ really take it over the edge – and the Canadian duo have dispensed it with such largesse you can get it for free.

Radiohead – No Suprises

No ghouls of witches, but what is scarier than a little existential dread?

Will you ever amount to anything? Probably not. Moving on now.

The Hooters – All You Zombies

Why do skeletons get all the love? Zombies used to be fun – until the mid-00s rendered them completely ubiquitous, a craze that is only just starting to fizzle out. But it’s time to re-embrace the loveable sacks of necrotic flesh. This new wave tune goes back to the voodoo magic that was once central to their mythos. The exotic twinkle of chimes in the intro serve as the pulling back of a musical curtain into a nocturnal mini-odyssey. The eerie chorales and humming synths, chunky riffs and epic, oddball chorus will be all you need.

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – Fire

Some metal-heads claim metal is the hardest you can go – to which I say sit the fuck down. Arthur Brown is the most metal man who ever lived, not just for this bizarre organ infused jam – but for the fact he performed it with a flaming horseshoe on his hat.

Cee Lo Green – Bodies

Cee Lo’s murder ballad is icy as they come. Cold, palid and sinister, this R&B jam channels noirish horns and stabbing bass to tell this Chandleresque tale which may or may not be about sex with corpses. Maybe they’re just very good friends. The song’s climax, wherein Cee Lo moans directly into mic for an uncomfortably long time, is truly the stuff of nightmares.

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