Conflare at Chapel – Live Review


By Jack

Intrepid four-piece Conflare are rapidly becoming the most exciting live act on the local scene. Their show last night was energetic and precise, and came off without a hitch. It was the best gig they’ve put on, and one of the best we’ve seen this year.

After enjoying strong support from the grungy Velvit, and the boppy Dream Estate, for whom this was their final show (or maybe not), Conflare absolutely nailed their headline slot.

The playing was on another level from what we’ve seen from them. As a unit they’ve grown tighter, the grooves run deeper, and they’ve reined themselves in. The improvisational feel of their earlier shows is replaced by more precise playing, and a more closely directed setlist that nicely ebbs and flows in tempo.


Inimitable singer Toby was on faultless form, hammering home chorus after pop-punk chorus. Primary vocals and harmonies ring clear above the mix: no mean feat in a live setting where guitars and rhythm are vying for primacy. This specifically is an aspect in which Conflare have noticeably improved – you can hear every word. ‘Jacket’ and ‘Dirt’ are clear stand-outs, encompassing everything exciting about their dynamic. The mix is nigh-on perfect all night, and each instrument is given a moment to shine.

You get the feeling with Conflare the best if yet to come. Each time they play they sound better. The effort put into this set was clear, with some favourites (‘Tempted’ always slaps) and some surprises (‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley anyone?) along the way.

It was big, frenetic and loud. Very very loud. And we loved it.

Follow Conflare here. Photo credit: Apertunes

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