Hot Track: Courtyards – Backseat


By Jack

Yorkshire’s Courtyards may be young but they have an appealing confidence to their sound. Able to pour emotion into their music without descending to melodrama, they continue to impress on new track ‘Backseat’.

The progression will be familiar to indie heads, but the chunky & blocky bass work and playful clatter of the drums give ‘Backseat’ some welcome swing. The real focus however is the charged, commanding voice of singer Matt.

The vocals are simply phenomenal. A combination of vocal grit and excellent mixing which keeps the vocals at the top make for a really engaging and exciting chorus.

The guitars are heavy with distortion but never overwhelm the song, only rising to prominence with appealingly reverb-drenched solos in the post-chorus. ‘Backseat’ has a surging energy, primed to whip a crowd into frenzy, but a tone which is surprisingly bittersweet and resonant. While the direct appeal of ‘Backseat’ is obvious, the nuances will keep listeners coming back.

Courtyards are one of the most exciting bands on the local scene.

Follow Courtyards here.


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