Paul McCartney wants to ‘Fuh You’ and nothing is sacred


By Jack

Macca is a British icon. A rock & roll progenitor. He’s 1/4 of your dad’s favourite band.

Paul McCartney’s handlers need to lose their jobs and possibly their lives. You know it’s your job to stop him doing crazy shit like this?

Sir Paul has won the right to basically fiddle about and release music well past his prime because, well, he’s an icon. However this song passes over from the sort of pet project you can expect of legacy acts (Roger Daltrey’s standards album, Bryan Ferry’s Dylan album, Sting’s mandolin album etc) into something far worse.

So Paul McCartney wants to fuh you and I think most of us could have lived very happy lives without ever being told that. But the cringey title isn’t even the worst of it. This is absolutely excruciating. Listening to ‘Fuh You’ is like that time you had to tell your Father-in-law off for saying the N-word over Christmas dinner.

Obviously ‘Fuh You’ is intended tongue-in-cheek, and is really an evocation of McCartney’s fondness for his adolescence. It isn’t really about how much he wants to fuh you (or your family). It’s more about reminiscence. And I’m okay with that.

However you wonder exactly why this has the contemporary sheen, the Ryan Tedder co-write. It seems like a pretty clear effort to connect with younger ears. One that fails horribly, I might add. Because you simply cannot force edge. You cannot steal back relevance like that.

Not to be too morbid – but men of a certain age probably have more compelling thoughts about the autumn of their years than younger men do. When they write about what is around them: the past, their hopes, the world that they loved and how it fits into the world of today, they can produce great art. When they cast about for relevance with cheese like this, they take a chip – however tiny – out of the edifice.

‘Fuh You’ leaves you wanting a bath.

But still it’s better than Ringo.

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