Tom Odell is so much more than a balladeer


By Jack

Tom Odell is synonymous with the piano – a result not just of the reality of his albums but also PR strategy. It has proven an effective way of communicating what the 27 year old singer-songwriter is about i.e piano lounge confessionals.

As the BRITs Choice winner gears up to tour his upcoming album Jubilee Road, attendees can expect something a little different.

With his sophomore Wrong Crowd, Odell expanded his pallet considerably. Whilst the upright Steinway is never far away, Wrong Crowd was at times raucous, at other times symphonic.

After opening a show for Billy Joel in Ireland, the Piano Man got a shout out on ‘Constellations’, a tale of romantic dinner overcast by looming heartache which showed intricate, wonderful orchestration of strings. The title track sounded like Hail to the Thief. ‘Concrete’ introduced a lackadaisical, playful swing.

The best of the set was ‘Magnetised’, a guaranteed live firebrand, which eschewed Odell’s quiet vulnerability for an enormous chorus, floored piano riffs and cacophonous drum fills.

That song is bound to be a live highlight, with new album Jubilee Road due out next month. Tom Odell is more than just the sad pianos for which he is famed – he’s a performer with a lot of ground left to cover.

Photo credit: Earmilk

Catch Tom live in the UK throughout October. Tickets here.

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