The Old Pink House – Expectations EP – Review


By Jack

Expectations lays out every facet that make this NE four-piece so intriguing. Art-rock strut, paranoid synths and pinched affectation make Expectations a varied and engaging listen.

The Old Pink House caught the ear of bloggers with a string of singles. ‘Cruel’ was one of 2017’s best – according to us anyway. The horror synths of ‘Neck Deep’ suggested some sort of paranoid Britpop. ‘Talk’ had one of those instantly recognisable choruses that stick like glue.

All of these aspects are present here, on this golden-hued EP. What surprises the most is how each song boils down to perfect pop. Expectations may be the band’s most assuredly groove-based rock recording, yet each leans on polished choruses. ‘Silver Cadillac’ and ‘Hearts Beat’ are blissful. ‘Expectations’ is the best tune of course, an audacious disco-inflected jam which tease out fantastic performances on drums and bass.

What ultimately sets TOPH apart is their use and implementation of keyboards and synthesisers – which for many bands boils down to a Juno humming in a corner. Here keybs are used to produce spacey intros, hone melodic edge and provide more than mere texture.

Expectations is a confident and engaging step towards the long play they undoubtedly are capable of.

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