Hot Track: Free Galaxy – Treadmill


By Jack

It’s clear now that at some point and don’t ask me when exactly, the West Midlands became the breadbasket of home-grown indie rock. We’ve had Candid’s ‘Breathless’ & Mara Falls’ ‘Thanks to You’, and now Free Galaxy have come and smashed it with new single ‘Treadmill’.

It may sound a bit like that Puddle of Mudd song, but ‘Treadmill’ soon develops into some sledgehammer riffs, with screeching distortion and a grungy feel. Of course indie rock tends to go this way, but Free Galaxy are able to take this high energy style and slip neat little moments of musicality and inspiration into the cracks. The beat avoids indie boilerplate, nicely syncopating from direct stomp to a muffled, playful clatter. Riffs may slam in the chorus, but elsewhere the playing is more warm, almost Eastern sounding (think Muse’s Showbiz).

‘Treadmill’ bears the signs of the sweaty rock clubs it was borne from; and the formidable speed and heavy burr of the riffs will go down very well there. However the four-piece are not content with appealing just to their growing live following, and ‘Treadmill’ has some great individual performances that are allowed to shine through.

‘Treadmill’ packs ferocious riffs and sheer attitude.

Follow Free Galaxy here.

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