Migos, XXXTENTACION, Hope Tala – In The Round

in the round 29 6 18

By Jack


Music news this week was dominated by X’s passing. This posthumous release (originally released in March) opening as it does with X in a coffin, is chilling. A great song that matches a yelpy vocal performance with stiff beat-heavy structure. Pretentious, muddled. Still the best song trap has produced.

Migos – Narcos

This real rap no mumble” says Offset, mumbling. Another week another average trap song, however this scene doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The beats are uninspired and recycled, the writing hangs around the same hallmarks, and the bars are delivered with the same dispassionate shrug.

Exploded View – Raven Raven

You need more than just echoed vocals to be authentically weird, though it helps. Shamanic, bone-rattling punk electro from Mexican-by-Berlin two piece. ‘Raven Raven’ is a Nietzschean nightmare. A trip far into the outer-reaches of paranoia.

Charli XCX – 5 In The Morning

Who else straddles classy, trashy, on-trend and kitschy quite like Charli? Her quest for a definitive sound sees no signs of stopping, but hopefully it doesn’t end here. Her voice and delivery still set her apart, but this sort-of-rap, drowning in sub-bass, isn’t her best work.

Hope Tala – Blue

Fond memories of India Arie flit about this punchy tune from newcomer Hope Tala. A lush and literate neo-soul song full of colour and gilded over by Hope’s affecting and sharp lyrics, which nonetheless bring a hushed calm. Heartache never felt so good.

The Carters, Alessia Cara, Vancouver Sleep Clinic – In The Round

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