Troye Sivan & Ariana Grande collab on a Pride season anthem – Review


By Jack

In a move that will make many, many gay men happy, Troye Sivan & Ari have collaborated. ‘Dance To This’ is the surprising result.

Suprising because, well, it isn’t a big dumb pop tune. Not aimed at chart domination nor the dancefloor. This may somewhat limit the song’s commerical appeal, but makes for a nicely filled out R&B jam.

It’s in-keeping with the vein of sophisticate 80s-dipped lover-man schtick that Troye Sivan has so completely made his own. This isn’t quite as incisive as ‘My, My, My!’ nor ‘Bloom’, however the production is gorgeous. Airy yet airless, it’s breathy without feeling sticky. Shiny without feeling synthetic. Drum machines, sub bass, wispy guitar – natch.

Ari doesn’t have an awful lot to do and her delivery is professional, though hardly distinctive. One verse each then a third for harmonising may be the weakest, most predictable element of the song. The vocals never quite match the energy and invention of the instrumental.

Still ‘Dance To This’ is a good pop tune and is a union of two of the most distinctive vocalists currently working. When Ari returns the favour with a tune of her own, that is when they’ll truly have a banger on their hands.

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