Drake, gnash, Active Bird Community – In The Round

in the round 15 6 18

By Jack

Kygo & Imagine Dragons – Born To Be Yours

A song so disposable it beggars belief that anyone could be bothered recording and mastering it. Every single line is a cliché (I counted eleven) and delivered with the hum-drum of consummate tradesmen.

Drake – I’m Upset

All great pop stars have their era, Britney, JT, Sheeran and there is little denying now Drake is having his, despite his protestations that he’s no pop star. But whatever you think of Drake, what a boring era it is. Marked by a pervasive sound & quality as opposed to memorable choruses or hooks. This isn’t bad but so dreary and heavy-lidded. It’s hard to muster any kind of enthusiasm for his music when it sounds like he was barely conscious making it. And wait, is that Jay & Silent Bob?

gnash – Imagine If

Imagine if this was semi-decent? Now that’s a stretch. gnash (lower case not my own) is battling his one-hit-wonder label after the painful plod of  ‘I hate u, I love u’ (grammatical errors not my own) was a smash in the States. What a whiney brat, and what insipid hipster bullshit this is.

Active Bird Community – Unwind With Me

Gratifyingly gritty punk tinged-indie. The video is a real winner, and mirrors the directionless tone. The feeling of being at sea and reeling from one fuck-up to the next, as opposed to you know, sticking to your plans. The heavy meandering riff is perfect for the sense of frustration the song seeks to skewer. Fun tune.

Death Cab For Cutie – Gold Rush

The absence of Chris Walla may be noticeable where a memorable riff ought to be. However Death Cab still click exceptionally well as a rhythm band, maintaining a clattering pace to punctuate the honeyed tones of Ben Gibbard. Relevant message, and a worthy return.

Sugarland – Babe ft. Taylor Swift

Those missing the adult contemporary of the 1990s (anyone? no?) will enjoy this. Very safe, but reliable enough. The structure, delivery and progression won’t surprise anyone however there is a little heart to it. Swiftie’s guest appearance is relatively muted, perhaps because it clashes with her recently appropriated ice-queen visage. However the track doesn’t need her, and is able to maintain course trundling down the middle of the road.

MNEK, Future, Interpol – In The Round

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