MNEK, Future, Interpol – In The Round

in the round 8 6 18

By Jack

MNEK – Colour ft. Hailee Steinfeld

The spirit of Terence Trent D’Arby flits about this day-glo banger. An LGBT anthem for unity that doesn’t pander, nor sacrifice its credentials as a good pop tune within itself. A strong chorus does the heavy lifting, though the instrumental lacks flair.

Idles – Danny Nedelko

Punk and pro-immigration sentiment gel together perfectly. Perhaps it’s that both are borne out of resistance. This track is anything but idle, a busy busy tune with an incessant beat and bone-popping bass grooves. Proof that love can be rendered in anger and spittle.

Chris Brown – Hope You Do

I miss the days when CB was plain offensive. This stab at tasteful is mind-numbing, where Chris Brown could at least be counted on inspiring some emotion: usually revulsion. Brown is not a rapper, and it shows. He’s best (best*) as a R&B singer, and he’s had a few disposable tracks over his career which weren’t dreadful. This isn’t either. Though I have so little to say about it I wish it were.

Interpol – The Rover

Fans liked Interpol for their lack of direct or discernible personality. Their emotions are fogged and slink off behind the guitar work, which is still fun after all these years. The lack of any emotional resonance however, is something of a roadblock. Any indie tune this spiky and unbothered by the smoothness Spotify programming demands is a victory.

Rat The Magnificent – Olon

Magnificence may be an unwise bar to set, but damn they get pretty close. ‘Olon’ is noise-pop with the emphasis firmly on ‘noise’. A track that swims in detail but lacks any stab at coherence. Those won over by the satanic grooves and raving on the vox won’t care.

Future – No Shame ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR

Future may finally be growing on me. A flinch reaction to this kind of impenetrable mumble trap is inevitable, but there is groove here, progression, feel, mood. When a riff bursts from an electric in the outro, it becomes thrilling.

Gorrilaz, Maroon 5, Cassels – In The Round


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