The 1975 return with chiptune ‘Give Yourself a Try’ – Review


By Jack

The internet has allowed all kinds of bizarre genres to exist – genres that technically shouldn’t. Genres like chiptune. Which I was fascinated by for perhaps five minutes in the late 2000s. Music made from cobbling together sounds from low-grade VHS and retro Amiga games. The 1975 have dipped their toe into that pool – for some reason – on this comeback track.

The beat is static, the bass an irretractable loop, the riff a lo-fi scratch. Yet the chorus is one of their best. It’s a weird song, for sure. I had to check my headphones because I thought they’d broken. It sounded that off. Unsatisfying. For those of us expecting a big comeback tune to come rattling down the wire akin to ‘Love Me’ or ‘Chocolate’, this is something of a sideshow.

Yet there is still some wonderfully sharp writing here, and Matty Healy provides one of his strongest vocal turns. Given the band’s preoccupation with the artificial glow of 80s new wave, it’s only natural they move on to their very own ode to lost youth; their very own ‘Boys of Summer’.

Surely the upcoming album will be something a little grander. For the pop-consuming public this isn’t even a blip but for fans, it’s a fascinating tit-bit.

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