Chromatics unleash disco brooder ‘Black Walls’ – Review


By Jack

The ever-enigmatic front-runners of the Italians Do It Better label are back. ‘Black Walls’ is more of the narcotised heartbroken disco we know and love. And Dear Tommy it seems, after interminable delay, may be with us soon…

Listening to a Chromatics tune is one of life’s great pleasures. The atmosphere of these recordings is so perceptible and so heavy, it has the effect of being mesmerised by a mirage. Spooky, cyclical and haunting.

‘Black Walls’ returns to the fogged up cowboy riffs of Kill For Love (‘Dust to Dust’). A criticism of the project is it’s repetition, which remains valid, if nugatory. However ‘Black Walls’ continues their greater percussive nous, following on from the recent re-work of their single ‘Shadow’ for Twin Peaks: The Return. Their beats have become more dense, with beautiful touches of synth to add texture.

Singer Ruth Radelet remains front and centre, sat with the lights off, staring into the night. This is a beautiful, beautiful song.

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