Years & Years, Childish Gambino, Bastille – In The Round

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By Jack

Childish Gambino – This is America

Another Gambino anthem, but more statement than song, a tune which shocks but does not charm. The hard-cut from verse to chorus is intentional, but does damage the song on a structural level, and makes it hard to listen to in isolation without the MV. That said, ‘This is America’ is the first post-Trump anthem to truly capture the terror of loss of control. Difficult art, but art nonetheless.

Molly Moore – Catch and Release

Fast becoming a H19 favourite, Molly Moore has another fantastic single. The production and instrumentation is staggering again, with beautiful keys, flute and raspy horns over a woozy beat. Fabulous.

Bastille – Quarter Past Midnight

While Bastille’s garage excursions with Craig David were disastrous, here they form the germ of a solid pop tune. Dan Smith is incapable of drawing in anything but the broadest of lines, but here they are used to capture a universal experience: the promise of a night on the town. This is the best from Bastille in a long time.

Years & Years – If You’re Over Me

We’ve all daydreamed about our ex stumbling back into our life, clueless, pleading for another shot – and the cutting, brilliant variation of ‘fuck off’ we would muster. ‘If You’re Over Me’ is that put to song, a hypothetical where Olly Alexander gets to have his brilliant ‘fuck off’. It may lack the solid gold of the Communion singles but this is a return to the spirited pop for which Years & Years are adored.

Honors & Molly Kate Kestner – On Again

Dark and a little mystical, this duet is a kick to the head. Elaborating on the duet tropes with programmed drums and sub bass, the stormy tune from Toronto band Honors is hugely enjoyable. Guest singer Kate Kestner’s sheer power gels well with her hushed accompaniment. Something really special.

Celine Dion, Florence + The Machine, Snow Patrol – In The Round

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