Songs & sunshine make for a memorable Live at Leeds

lal crop 2

By Jack

The characteristic Yorkshire drizzle was conspicuous only by it’s absence on Saturday, which is all you need to know to judge Live at Leeds as a festival.

The venerable inner city fest which has been running for over a decade has always catered to indie rock, and this year more so than ever.

Peace were the early headliner, packing out a precipitous 02 Academy mid-afternoon. With their new album Kindness Is The New Rock & Roll dropping last week the band were keen to try out some new tracks, though old tunes ‘Lost on Me’ and ‘Money’ were the best received – along with fan favourite ‘Perfect Skin’.

Not to be upstaged, The Vaccines took to the same stage later that day with the definitive performance of the day.

Elsewhere, local talent was out in force. Heir had one of the opening performances at Leeds Beckett, as did Honey Arcade at the Hyde Park Book Club. Polo & Caro followed shortly after – with much of the promising local talent popping up in the fallow time before the headliners later in the day.



With robust support, tight but easily manoeuvred scheduling and an app which allowed users to plan the day with regular updates, Live at Leeds was an improvement over recent years and served as a case in point in how to efficiently run an in inner city fest. With the memory of last year’s Y Not calamity fresh in the mind, Live at Leeds 2018 was an exemplar.

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