Hot Track: Ørmstons – Mexico City


By Jack

Ørmstons’ debut single was dedicated to their hometown (‘Bridgewater Place’) and the four-piece keep things toponymic with ‘Mexico City’ – their spirited, catchy follow up.

What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico. All bands know that. The Eagles knew it. Steely Dan knew it. James Taylor also chipped in. Ørmstons’ apparently didn’t get the memo though, and the tune is essentially a reflection on some misadventures there. It forms the hook of the song: does she know about that night in Mexico City? It’s a great basis for an upbeat rock tune and singer Jess has the pipes and the lightness of touch to really make it pop.

It’s a two-speed tune, with relaxed verses and a punchy chorus. The result is a really tight summery jam, with greater focus on the lyrics, which are richly detailed, and yeah, Mexico City might be metaphorical. But maybe not. Either way it makes for a more evocative set of verses.

This also means ‘Mexico City’ is a little more relaxed than the riff-heavy ‘Bridgewater Way’, but shows a band pushing themselves and focusing on getting their message across.

Ørmstons have a fantastic second single and we can’t wait to hear more.

Follow Ørmstons here.



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