Heartsink channel pop-punk greatness on ‘Same Old Lies’ – Preview


By Jack

York’s Heartsink remember that Sum 41 video for ‘In Too Deep’. It was one of those videos that was on constant rotation on Kerrang and perfectly summarised all that was right with pop-punk. Their new tune ‘Same Old Lies’ due out next month channels that sense of anarchic fun.

A chunky central riff is what draws your ear, with a moshable beat and hooky chorus. Emo is at its best when railing against something – here, AM radio. Certainly a gripe we share.


We don’t really do hardcore at Hey Nineteen – the pink font is  a dead giveaway – but elements do pop up here. Some throaty chants burst from the bridge onwards, and achieve their goal of amplifying the energy and allowing a more frantic outro.

The tune drops next month and we’ll be sure to link to it, but until then check out their tune ‘Last Year’.




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