Our Guide to Live at Leeds 2018 – The Plan


By Jack

We are just weeks from Live at Leeds and the hype is real. Year on year the festival has continued to grow, showcasing a range of local talent and headlining acts from all walks of music. In the coming weeks we will look at the venues, the best local bands, a well as a roundup of our personal faves.

LaL is just round the corner now, and in our last piece of pre-coverage we focus on the most important part – the plan. We’ve already gone through our picks and the local acts that are playing the fest, but the important thing is tying it all together. So, without further ado, here are our tips for the day.

Plan Ahead

Pictured: 3 thrill-seekers follow our advice


Nothing too mad and detailed here, we don’t need to cook up the Schlieffen Plan for venue hopping. However you will need to think ahead. The great thing about Leeds is that you can walk across the city centre in half an hour. However the venues supporting Live at Leeds are spread out over a wide area. You’ll need to consider who you want to see and when you’ll have to leave to get there.

It’s all well and good leaving the 02 to catch a band at Leeds Beckett – but if you want to see someone out at the Brudenell, or Holy Trinity Church down near Lower Briggate, then you’ll need to tee it up. Music festivals may be all about free love, free expression, and moderately priced drinks deals, but a bit of planning never hurt anyone.

Know Your Venue


There is a dizzying array of venues participating in Live at Leeds, from 1,000 cap performance spaces to cramped bars and a few churches too. Here are just a few that you ought to be aware of:

The Brudenell Social Club (33 Queen’s Rd, Leeds LS6 1NY)


The touring circuit would not be complete without it. Dingy as it is, the Brude is an institution and a fantastic performance space. Also a bit of a hike, so give yourself plenty of time.

Hosting: whenyoung, Pale Waves

The Wardrobe (St. Peter’s Square, Quarry Hill, Leeds LS9 8AH)


Not as poky as suggested, The Wardrobe is hugely popular with local bands. It will host two stages: the performance space downstairs and an acoustic stage in the bar.

Hosting: Cassia, Sea Girls

O2 Academy Leeds (55 Cookridge St, Leeds LS2 3AW)


Every city has one so fittingly identikit, however they easily have the best sound set-up. Generally one of the busiest venues due to it’s prominence on the gig circuit.

Hosting: Peace, The Vaccines

Church / Chapel (177-179 Woodhouse Ln, Leeds LS2 3AR)


Two venues sat atop each other in a converted church which used to be a grimy student night. Good location near the Uni stages and 02.

Hosting: Dream Estate, The Horrors

Head For Supplies


Remember to eat and drink – no one wants to die of exposure at a British Sea Power gig. There are loads of options throughout the day with many vendors directly in or in conjunction with gig spaces. The Pizza Bus at the Brude is a good shout, as are the eateries in the Leeds University Union. However several headliners are playing here so expect a rush on food. Trinity Kitchen is right in the city centre and close to Trinity Church, Headrow House and Belgrave.

See It All


This really is an all-day fest. The first performers take the stage at 12:00am with the first headliner at just 3.15 (Peace, O2). The last performance is Pale Waves at 11:15pm (Brudenell). Then there is the after party at The Wardrobe. If you want to get the full experience, you’ll need to be gigging for twelve hours straight. But that’s easy, because you have a plan, right?

This is the final part of our Live at Leeds 2018 coverage. Read about our picks and the local bands playing. The festival is on 5th May 2018. Tickets here.









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