Kylie Minogue – Golden – Review


By Jackkylie insertQuite why Kylie Minogue never broke America will be a question for the ages. Her last roll of the dice at that table was this performance of ‘Get Outta My Way‘ (still a diamond) on America’s Got Talent. So why record a Nashville record? If you don’t get let in the club, you don’t write a love letter for the bouncer.

Perhaps it’s musical innovation, but country isn’t exactly renowned for pushing boundaries. Then when your recent musical gestures included Kylie at Christmas and a sessions album, country doesn’t look so shoddy.

This isn’t a country album, just to be clear. EDM-country is very much the flavour. Think Avicci style acoustic strumming<kick drum<bass drop. Which was the flavour of the month. In July 2013.

Still Golden is a worthy album, tuneful even when lacking substance. Kylie ought to be pleased that ‘Dancing’ was a Top 40 hit – given how flukey the charts are in the age of streaming. That is the best song here and quite lovely in its subtle, cathartic chorus.

The problem is inherent in the sentence “Kylie Minogue doing a country album”. She just can’t resist laying on some cheese, and the cheese comes thick and fast on the rootin’-tootin’ ‘A Lifetime to Repair’, Kylie dressing up in the Cowboy hats and snakeskin boots that suggest a cursory grasp of the country tradition. Though the collab with Jack Savoretti is an unexpected winner.

It’s overlong and the slow songs seem to last forever, but in the end Golden is a solid listen. Twee as it undoubtedly is, Kylie Minogue is still an engaging performer. Golden is more nuanced, incisive and enjoyable than it has any right to be – and something of a victory.


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