Molly Moore blurs the lines of genre on banger ‘No Stress’ – Review


By Jack

On ‘No Stress’, the latest single from forthcoming EP Third Eye High, Molly Moore deals in voluble, ambitious electro R&B.

‘No Stress’ is essentially the ethos of production and composition on the track. An elastic pop tune that draws into it’s pull a huge range of sounds, textures and cues. Synth pad, drum machines, rasping horns, dry riffs, plug-in strings, trap beats and rap phrasing percolate in an intoxicating mix.

Despite the many interlocking parts, the tune remains cohesive; sheaving and revealing layers and themes like an elaborate Faberge egg. Richly detailed and exquisitely textured, Molly Moore marks herself out as a pop trailblazer.

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