In Your Prime at The Wardrobe – Live Review

By Jack

With four precise and exciting sets, presided over by gothy quintet In Your Prime, The Wardrobe played host to some of most vibrant bands on the Leeds scene.

Pre-show nerves could be forgiven of Chinese Laundry, who opened the show with their first live performance. However none were apparent, the band were well received and even had the gall to take a crack at a deep cut from LCD Soundsystem’s Sound of Silver, ‘New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down’. It’s something of a minor epic but it was a winning adaptation.

Perhaps the greatest takeaway from the whole night was the diversity of style, and strength of the performances. This wasn’t kids on stage fumbling with their first strat’ – these bands were serious, committed to their own vision, and they played like it.

Tranqua Lite & Conflare we’ve featured before, and each time we see them they sound better. Sonically polls apart: Tranqua approaching some kind of proggy tropicana, while Conflare are riff heavy pop-punk.

Tranqua’s ‘Castle in the Sky’ is an obvious highlight, while the frantic yet serene ‘Tempered Tides’ is their signature tune. Conflare only seem to get better with each subsequent release – ‘New York’ is their strongest tune to date.

In Your Prime carried the headline and they made it emphatically clear. The voice of Ruby Cooke threatened to shake the speakers from their brackets. ’24’ got the biggest cheer of the night.

In the end there wasn’t a single slump. The performances were sharp, and lacked the self-indulgence that intimate shows can fall into. These were performances for the crowd – and they ate it up. Circle pits came and went non-stop.

Each band on the bill had their own sound, their own style, so distinct and tangible even this early in the game. They are a testament to  the vibrant local scene which they have come to champion.

Hot Shit: In Your Prime – ‘Handle With Care


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