Hot Track: In Your Prime – Handle With Care


By Jack

Yorkshire’s In Your Prime tap into alt-rock greatness on new single ‘Handle With Care’.

Singer Ruby Cooke provides a bruising, raw performance. The chorus lands like a hammer blow, powered by her bellowing stentorian. Beneath her riffs overlap, pretty arps and fuzzed out riffs, all underpinned by loping bass and a tempo-shifting beat.

They work the quiet-loud dynamic, allowing the natural drama of the piece to come through. Add to that an ambitious middle-eight where drum machines, creeping electronics and guitar burn-out combine to capture something akin to ‘Space Dementia‘.



‘Handle With Care’ is one of those utilitarian phrases made interesting by context (see also: every lyric ever written by Thom Yorke). It’s the sort of phrase usually written on a sticker on the base of a potted topiary in Ikea. Not so here – the cover art, depicting a heart in bits, makes clear the inspiration.

In Your Prime have a certified banger on their hands.

Follow In Your Prime here. Tickets for their Leeds show here.

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