Hot Shit: Tate – Animals


By Jack

Tate’s ‘Animals’ is a rock tune at heart, but with a liberal coating of pop stardust. The Southend-on-Sea three piece strike a balance between pretty noise-pop and indie riffs. ‘Animals’ is a two-speed crackle of flame and fizz.

The video for ‘Animals’ is reminiscent of the opening of Prometheus – where a stocky Martian lad gets naked, drinks black goo and dissolves in a river. In ‘Animals’ a mysterious dancer throws meaningful shapes and gazes out across a pink-hued shoreline. We prefer the latter image, actually.

Confidence is key – and it’s something Tate do not appear to lack. “Listen here / I instruct your ears / To follow me on this trip” is pretty direct – though it is advice (strongly worded advice) that proves worth taking. Tate are something of a hidden gem and frontman Ethan has a commanding voice, and vocal style which swoops and dives, giving the sound streamlined guile.


‘Animals’ is a fantastic track – shiny, atmospheric and humming with life. The chiming guitars evoke the Edge sound of slowly shattering glass, whilst a mesh of synths create an ethereal mood. A somnambulant trip.

Follow Tate here.

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