Friendly Fires blow away six years of cobwebs with irresistible ‘Love Like Waves’ – Review



By Jack

As the mid-00s indie refulgence reached it’s end, two bands exploded – White Lies and Friendly Fires. The stuff of uni night legends. ‘Jump In The Pool’ and ‘Lose My Life’ are as synonymous with the SU as cheap beer and the smell of bleach. While White Lies plowed on, Friendly Fires vanished after sophomore record Pala.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder – but the hype is justified by this irresistible comeback ‘Love Like Waves’. Far from nostalgia baiting, the tune shows growth in every aspect of their craft.

The Housey keys are something new, whilst the club-ready surges speak to a refined emphasis on dance. Ed Macfarlane has such a gift with short, sharp vocal hooks and exquisite art-rock phrasing. ‘Love Like Waves’ is so memorable, worthy, and feel-good, it allows Friendly Fires to slip effortlessly back into the zeitgeist. Welcome back lads.

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