Hot Shit: Gallant – Gentleman


By Jack

Literate, incisive and well, gentlemanly, the latest from Gallant is stark R&B.

Heavy on atmosphere, light on structure, and doused in Gallant’s inamorato croon – this is loverboy R&B of the likes of The Weeknd with deliberate pace redolent of Kendrick’s DAMN.

The “you deserve a gentleman” schtick is rote for R&B and the wider pop tradition but Gallant’s interpretation of this saviour state of mind is more interesting. Silky and intoxicating though it is – Gallant comes to the conclusion that the whole idea is a little creepy. Our narrator thinks he knows what’s best for his lover – and with each repetition grows only more obsessive.

With a follow-up to the Grammy tipped debut Ology surely in the works, this is an intoxicating first insight into what comes next.


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