ZHU enlists Tame Impala for hazy dance jam ‘My Life’ – Review


By Jack

So you have a trippy dance jam. Who do you call for vocals? Someone who knows a thing or two about out of body experiences. Step forward Kevin Parker.

ZHU is the mysterious musician whose bleepy, doomed electro-R&B has been gently buffeting the internet since 2014’s ‘Faded’ put him on the map. Little is known about him. He likes creepy dance music. That’s enough for us.

Tame Impala are a fantastic fit for ZHU’s ‘My Life’, a heavy-lidded number that bears no resemblance to Billy Joel’s tune of the same name.

Perhaps a little too mirage-in-the-outback for club music, it nevertheless rests on a propulsive beat. ‘My Life’ begins as a ringtone jingle, and ends in a sweep of Balearic grace. It’s a progression ZHU fans will be familiar with – as will Impala fans, actually.

A thoughtful new tune from one of dance’s last auteurs.

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