Hot Shit: The Knocks – Ride Or Die (feat. Foster The People)


By Jack

We still listen to 55, the debut album from House act The Knocks (and the best LP of 2016, obviously). It announced the NY duo as one of the most exciting acts on the most vibrant scene in the US. ‘Classic’ is still starting parties the world over.

This latest collab with Foster The People is another catchy, big-beat tune which captures that Rabelaisian attitude.

The full-blooded sound of ‘Ride Or Die’ is a prod in the ribs of current house producers – it’s supposed to sound like this. The Knocks have spoken about their love of funk music which explains their preoccupation with fat bass and guitars that sound real, and lack the overproduction that reduces a lot of dance music to shiny veneer.

It’s an ode to friendship too – a topic considered too lame for many producers. Music should be about blow, and how sad it makes you feel. ‘Ride Or Die’ actually makes you feel good which is pretty much a revolutionary act given the nihilistic slump of contemporary dance. Mark Foster of Foster The People wraps his distinctive vocal affect around the hook with ease. A haze permeates his delivery which leaves the track feeling a little more Sunday afternoon than Saturday night.

The message is to keep on keeping on – some real ‘after the thrill is gone’ shit. Hopefully this is a message The Knocks live by, as their music is consistently great, and ‘Ride Or Die’ is more of the good stuff.

Follow The Knocks here.

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