Charlie Puth and Kehlani debut soulful dance collab ‘Done For Me’ – Review

By Alex

It’s kind of hard to take Charlie Puth seriously because his name sounds a bit like a fart. But we should look past this. Instead, let’s do what adults do and focus on the music. The trouble is, sometimes his tunes sound a bit like a fart too. I know what you’re thinking – you should be paying for music journalism this hot, but rest assured – this is completely free of charge.

Farts aside (for now), let’s give Charlie a break and take a listen to his new single. ‘Done For Me’ boasts a guest spot from Kehlani, probably his most interesting collaborator to date.

To everyone’s relief, Charlie Puth’s new single does not sound like a fart. It’s actually this pretty funky neo-soul number that spotlights both artists’ strengths. The normally anonymous Puth sounds sprightly and charming, particularly during the high-notes, though he’s largely overshadowed by Kehlani whose arresting vocals make Puth’s warbling sound like air-conditioning. Despite only being afforded a single verse, Kehlani pretty much steals the show, although Puth does a decent job of filling in the gaps.

‘Done For Me’ owes a debt to the myriad of hokey disco-tinged pseudo-soul tracks that started dominating the charts around the time ‘Get Lucky’ was released. But Puth’s track is one of the better duplicates, straying from the predictable formula just enough to be interesting. Though things get a bit derivative with the corny seventies-style intro and swampy bassline, you get the impression Puth isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but rather cook up a decent pastiche of the old soul music he’s probably really into. And really, when a track is as smooth as this, who cares about originality anyway?


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