Jordan F – Oblivion – Review


By Jack

jordan f

Jordan F is an album guy in a genre dominated by single-by-single experimentation. His commitment to the long form, where a pallet of sounds, styles and textures are explored to their fullest extent, has made for some of the most enjoyable synth LPs of recent years. His third, Oblivion is the most adventurous and symphonic of his career.

A fascination with science fiction is long withstanding. Debut LP Slipstream was bookended by ‘Abandoned Streets’ Part 1 & 2 – spacey, ominous excerpts from an imagined dystopia. Oblivion takes this to its logical conclusion.

‘The Portal’ announces the album with a renewed commitment to atmosphere, tension and release. ‘Organism’ is the first, but not the only appearance of John Carpenter as a touchstone.

2016’s Timelines and last years collab with Vast Hill saw Jordan F move away from the next frontier and towards the dance floor, and some of that vibe is retained here. ‘Overdrive’ is a punchy disco inflected tune.

The high-point of the record is ‘Night Breed’ – where a filthy, distorted synth hints at B-movie grandeur amid the wail of screeching guitars.

Oblivion is not a break from the past, more a clear continuation. The hallmarks of the sound that synth fans have come to love – wild synth solos, punchy drum machines & symphonic flourishes are still here. That Oblivion is an adventure into spacey, ominous sounds and Lovecraftian horror, may be a surprise given the bouncy pop of recent output. Oblivion is a fantastic listen, and a must for synthwave fans.


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