Fickle Friends light up Fibbers – Live Review


By Jack

It’s indisputable at this point that Fickle Friends are set for indie supremacy in the very near future. They’re blend of hooky, personal indie pop is simply irrepressible.

Cassia play before them and prove a perfect companion in sound. Calypso rhythms and bubbly melodies fit the fake fronds on stage perfectly. Fickle Friends have long embodied the vibe of tropical weather – but tonight they are all a little under the same. Singer Natti confirms she’s spread the lurgie to her bandmates, and is expecting to get it back.

The band more than hold their own – with singer Natti calling on the crowd a few times for backup. They are happy to oblige.

The highlights of ‘Glue’ & ‘Hello Hello’ sound as good as ever but ‘Cry Baby’ is elevated, ensconced in an extended jam session. It only adds to their most anthemic tune.

Fickle Friends have toured so doggedly and their fans have responded so readily that there is little left in their material to surprise – though we do get some insight into the new album due later this month – ‘Bite’ in particular has fan favourite written all over it.

‘Vanilla’ enjoys the biggest transformation – the loping, gently oscillating groove is embellished and intensified. It’s their best written tune, and a treat.

Fickle Friends are terrific – on stage and on wax – and soon we’ll have that long awaited debut to pore over…

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