Ladytron return with ‘The Animals’ – Review


By Jack

Liverpool’s finest (and only) witch-pop quartet have returned. ‘The Animals’ expounds more on the fatalist, splendid shoegaze we’ve come to expect from Ladytron.

Their as of yet unnamed sixth studio album has gone down the Pledge Music route – a variation of Kickstarter. It’s a novel idea, seldom seen in music, though routine in other media. The hype surrounding their return ought to be more than enough.

‘The Animals’ is in-keeping with latter day, Gravity The Seducer Ladytron. Grooves are minimal, with an emphasis on ornate detail and quirky synth ostinatos. The similarities to ‘Ace of Hz’ are certainly there, though the tone is decidedly darker.

Ladytron hold such a unique place in British pop and their return is something to savour.

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