Hot Shit: Citrus Heights’ ‘Lovers’


By Jack

Yorkshire’s finest zesty bois Citrus Heights are back – and this is terrific. ‘Lovers’ is another super tight indie-pop tune, familiar to fans of The 1975’s ‘Settle Down’.

It’s doubly impressive given the context. Writing West Coast rock is easy when you’re actually on the West Coast, jamming by the pool with a Tequila Sunrise in hand. When you live in this part of the world and the temperature hovers around 5° and it’s dark before 6:00pm, remaining committed to cheery pop is a real accomplishment. Good luck to Haim cutting an album like Days Are Gone on a rainy night in Yorkshire.

Singer Jamie has the ideal voice for the job: soulful but commanding. He treats the song with enough levity to allow the pop elements to shine through. Add to that the necessary accoutrements –  digi-strings, rubbery bass, pretty harmonies. Citrus Heights embrace pop so readily they are approaching a fully synthesised LANY-ish sound – not a development we’re at all unhappy with. In the end the guitars are still a huge part of their appeal – simple, hooky riffs that escalate into energetic, satisfying solos.

‘Lovers’ is another fantastic tune.

 Read our interview with Citrus Heights here.

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