Fickle Friends are the sound you need


By Jack

Brighton’s ebullient five piece Fickle Friends are on the verge of greatness. Debut You Are Someone Else is due 16th March. Festival slots beckon in the summer. They’ve just set out on a UK tour that takes them up and down the country.

They can’t be accused of taking the easy way. Over the past five years the band have toured relentlessly, largely without label support. Through tenacity and sedulous dedication to sunny pop choruses, their euphoric ’80s sound has remained intact.

‘Swim’ might have been the kindling: a glossy throwback tune that arrived mid 2013 (the summer of glossy throwback tunes à la Chvrches / The 1975). A steady flow of new material has followed, establishing a rich seam of anthemic, danceable pop that fits the zeitgeist hand-in-glove.

HN has covered the band twice in the past year, and their confidence, precision and vision as a band are unimpeachable. As a live act they are thrilling. As the next big thing in British pop music, they seem undeniable. Hop on this tour while you can.

Fickle Friends are touring throughout February and March. Tickets here.

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