Dave C. Rupert channels the February blues on ‘Cold’ – Review


By Jack

Where on his debut track Dave C. Rupert sounded lost, paranoid, antagonistic, ‘Cold’ suggests a wounded heart. The connective tissue, besides Dave’s voluble barritone, are the honey-hued guitar tones which imbue both tunes with a sense of ease.

‘Cold’ is Rupert’s second release. Good timing, with this weather. Pathetic fallacy does have its uses.

A sparse tune, ‘Cold’ centres on a spindly riff which sounds like a reconstruction of ‘Hallelujah’ (specifically this version). Dave has described it as a lullaby – apt. ‘Cold’ possesses a bittersweet, nocturnal quality. It has the atmosphere of those night talks all relationships must endure, moments where the both of you are hanging by a thread, at 3AM, and considering the very real possibility of walking away then and there.

Rupert’s tunes don’t stretch to be motivic, but themes of regret and longing loom large over them. He has a talent for making the universal feel personal – personal to him. The fun for us is discovering his prose puts it far better than we ever could.



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