Tranqua Lite at Chapel – Live Review


By Jack

Leeds boys Tranqua Lite have been taking up a lot of ink over here recently – and they’re about to get a little more. Their show at Chapel was energetic, experimental and a perfect summary of everything exciting about their sound.

Combining slide whistles, apoplectic drum outros, rap, the kitchen sink, and whatever else they liked, their show was ambitious and bombastic. Though the set was limited to their repertoire, which at this stage is fairly slim, they engaged the crowd consistently.

‘Castle in the Sky’ was an early highlight, with strong harmonies courtesy of Toby (bass) and Callum (synth) and an extended, bizarro coda. Singer Ben was able to find space for his voice amongst the busy instrumentation. It was an ensemble performance.

‘Tempered Tides’ remains their signature song. Extensive coverage of rock shows teaches you that people will form a circle pit for literally anything, but ‘Tides’ deserves it.

Tranqua continue to impress at every turn and are fast becoming one of the most promising acts in Leeds.

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