Hot Shit: Makeness’ ‘Stepping Out Of Sync’

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By Alex

There comes a point in many people’s lives when they feel like they’re losing grip. It might come after spending days playing Theme Hospital to distract yourself from the fact your friends are getting married. It might come after your younger sister somehow manages to purchase property. Or it might come after you find yourself sitting in bed for an hour covering biscuits with peanut butter and proceeding to eat a whole packet. Life comes at you fast.

But what would this sense of losing grip sound like? On his latest track, the trippy ‘Stepping Out Of Sync’, Scottish producer Kyle Molleson, better known as Makeness, goes some way to answering this question.

‘Stepping Out Of Sync’ is the sound of a slowly distorting reality, exploring the fine line between sobriety and something quite different. If you could pinpoint the exact moment reality begins to blur, this is what it would sound like – a translucent fog of soft techno and microbeats. On his latest track, Makeness creates a sense of comfortable disengagement, a gradual zoning out, a half-conscious detachment from real life. Somewhere amidst the bleary electronic get-up and woozy vocals is an attempt to retake control, but finding it just out of reach. But this isn’t so bad. It’s easy to fall back into the comfortable, withdrawn lull of the oscillating rhythm, even if it comes with an undercurrent of panic, the knowledge that none of this is real.

On ‘Stepping Out Of Sync’, Makeness crafts a soundscape that’s half soothing dreamworld and half panic attack. For all the softness of the arrangement, beneath the surface is something erratic and floundering, becoming increasingly apparent as the track nears its end. It suggests a state of mind that’s both alluring and mildly terrifying, a state that’s easy to fall into, but near impossible to withdraw from. Listening to ‘Stepping Out Of Sync’, it’s just as easy to be pulled into its hypnotic rhythm, finding yourself lost in its disorienting maze of blurring electronics where nothing is quite as it seems.

To pre-order Loud Patterns, Makeness’ upcoming album, check out his Bandcamp page.


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