The Go! Team at The Wardrobe – Live Review


By Jack

It is hard to believe that as The Go! Team take to the stage that they are promoting their fifth LP. They retain the spritely magnetism of up-and-comers, despite being well established at this point. Not a single hint of cynicism has clouded their blue-sky vision, and as a live offering they are an absolute treat.

Semicircle is barely a month old, but the new material is treated, and by turn greeted, like classics. ‘Mayday’, which enjoys an early run-out, sees kick-ass lead vocalist Ninja pass a walkie talkie into the crowd, antenna aloft, and deliver the chorus into her own handpiece. This display of spontaneity summaries their energetic, inclusive sense of fun in capsule form.

The tone ranges from the celebratory ‘Semicircle Song’ to ‘Everyone’s a V.I.P. To Someone’, the sweet kitchsy track that was the emotional heart of Thunder, Lightning, Strike. Run-outs from this album sound especially strong, with ‘Get It Together’ proving the highlight of the night.

The Go! Team present as a mish-mash that gels entirely, a combination of indie rock energy and marching band gusto, with the unlikely underpinning of heart & soul chords. This is a sell out show and the atmosphere is peak.

The crowd, for their part, give their absolute all. The Go! Team may be survivors of the indie-rock heyday of the mid 00s, but their new material is as vital as anything else on the set. They embody a feeling of fraternity, a warm glow that bars no person, and leads to gigs like this where balding middle aged men slam-dance alongside kids in skinny jeans. Emphatic.


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