Hot Shit: Mara Falls’ ‘Thanks to You’


By Jack

Fuzz, fuzz, and more fuzz abound on ‘Thanks to You’, the latest single from Coventry’s Mara Falls. “I call her the Devil / Cos she leads me astray” may not be a new concept in rock music, but few can sing it like they mean it. Mara Falls sound like they mean it.

‘Thanks to You’ takes the fuzzed out drone of ‘I Feel You’ by Depeche Mode and counterposes it with recombinant parts of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s all-black nihilism. There aren’t many shades of colour here, but then everyone looks better (and sounds better) in black.

‘Thanks to You’ is a remarkably confident track. Few bands have the foresight to allow atmosphere to win out over sheer loudness. The central riffs are so heavily lathered in feedback it becomes hard to tell bass from lead, adding to the cloudlike fugue of the track. Over this a myriad of tastefully inserted synthesiser effects, vocal distortions, clicks and whirrs add to a richly detailed and depthful sound.

The vocal timbre is rich and commanding, the tone is that of gallows humour, and the track itself is refreshing.  Keep it up guys. You have our attention.

Follow Mara Falls here.


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