Cassia bring tropical vibes to Yorkshire – Live Review


By Jack

In the chilly underbelly of a converted church, the sunny sound of calypso feels like a revolutionary act: a rebuke of the thoroughly shit weather that early February has to offer. Cassia are an up and coming indie rock band with a unique hook: they don’t sound like an indie rock band.

Their current UK tour has wound them up and down the country, with a final stop in Bristol next month. At their Leeds show they enjoyed fantastic support from local band Tranqua Lite (more on them later this month) and Edinburgh’s own Indigo Velvet.

Emerging with the most matter of fact stage entrance possible, under even lighting and a mellow instrumental, Cassia open a gig that is more about sunny, melodic noodling than high energy thrashing. The crowd absolutely love it too, which is all the more surprising given the set lacks entirely the sort of pint-slinging, arms-around-the-lads chantalong pap that indie rock often boils down to.

The sophistication and precision of the playing on all fronts is gob-smacking. Cassia operate on a level far, far beyond the reach of their contemporaries. Songs like ‘Moana’ and ‘Sink’ are spindly tunes that strike a deft balance between groove and a lightness of touch; the basslines lope and bounce and never overpower the dynamic.

Cassia are onto something – an exotic long drink of feel-good indie pop and island sounds. We cannot wait to see their next move.

Cassia are on tour throughout February & March. Tickets here.

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