Brunch Pop: An Interview with Casey Lowry


By Jack

Casey Lowry first appeared on our radar after a set at Live at Leeds. He composed his debut single as part of an A Level music course, for which he was graded a U. ‘Trampoline’ has since gone on to amass over 300,000 streams on Spotify. You know what they say about opinions.

Producing a blend of pop-inflected melodic rock (‘California Brunch Pop’ says his About tab), already Lowry has amassed serious grass roots support – all at the age of 20. He’s currently on the road –  a tour culminating with a show in Camden.

HN: We first heard you through ‘Trampoline’, how did you come to write that track?

CL: “It’s a very vague memory cause I wrote it so long ago, but I’m pretty sure I wrote the riff and thought it was super cool…then my girlfriend at the time bought me a chippy that had curry on it and it came with tea for free.”

HN: Is it true your music teacher graded ‘Trampoline’ a U? Have they got in touch since it’s gone on to be such a success?

CL: “Yeah, it’s true. No they never spoke to me again but I did bump into the music teacher who graded it in my local petrol station. He just stared me out the whole time I was in there.”

HN: ‘California Brunch Pop’ is a spot-on descriptor for your music – who came up with that?

CL: “When I first started out people kept asking me how to describe it and I didn’t know so I started asking people on stage. A guy from a local band shouted that back – it was beautiful.”

HN: ‘Confused’ was an ambitious track, was it a challenge to record?

CL: “Not really a challenge to record, more a challenge to play live because it’s such a fat song and with 4 people that’s hard to recreate.”

HN: What’s the story behind your new track ‘Up & Down’?

CL: “‘Up & Down’ is about this girl that was an absolute pain but crazy beautiful so I just kept with it.”

HN: Any advice for musicians just starting out?

CL: “If you’re just starting out be prepared to be treated like dog shit and thrown around until you start making waves. Just make sure you have fun and throw some shit back.”

It’s like Bon Scott said.

HN: Any idea what your next single is going to sound like?

CL: “Yeah it sounds really fat. It’s a bop.”

Casey is at Leeds on 2nd February and Manchester on the 10th. Tickets here.

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