Chvrches return with synth-pop banger ‘Get Out’ – Review

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By Alex

Electro-trio Chvrches have unveiled their brand new single, their first new release since 2015. A bright, sparkly synth-pop affair, ‘Get Out’ sticks to the tried-and-tested Chvrches formula debuted back in 2013, spawning the likes of signature hits ‘Recover’ and ‘The Mother We Share’. Five years on, Chvrches haven’t departed much from the sound of their debut, their melodies still punchy and pop-oriented, their arrangements still built on layers of lush synth webs.

Produced by Greg Kurstin (Lily Allen, Katy Perry, Pink), ‘Get Out’ is one of the band’s most pop-centric hits to date, structured around a catchy, repetitive refrain.

For the most part, ‘Get Out’ is business as usual for Chvrches, another neat pop track that stays true to the band’s synth-pop sensibilities. But there are a few tiny changes here and there, with its buzzing intro and ghostly background twinkle sounding like something from a Crystal Castles track. But while Chvrches have written their share of convincing pop choruses, ‘Get Out’ isn’t quite their strongest. In fact, the post-chorus is stronger than the chorus itself, which although catchy, is not particularly inspired. That said, some snazzy production work manages to plaster over most of the cracks, the result being an infectious bit of indietronica that sees the band keener than ever to pen a succinct pop tune.

Lauren Mayberry’s instantly recognisable twang cuts through the heavy synth production like a knife, sounding typically snappy on the chorus but adopting a more melancholy tone for the repeated line “You were a kaleidoscope.” It’s a new sound for Mayberry whose voice is usually characterised by a frenetic choppiness, but this is briefly replaced by something else, a sadness that adds a touch of emotion to a track built on electronics. It’s a welcome addition, this single line the highlight of the entire track.

‘Get Out’ might lack some of the spark of the band’s earlier hits, but it’s nonetheless a welcome addition to Chvrches’ catalogue of indietronica. Speaking to Annie Mac earlier today, Mayberry described the track as “more of a live experience,” suggesting the band have big plans for an upcoming tour. ‘Get Out’ certainly won’t be the first track to work better live than on record, and its pulsing electronic beat is sure to set the crowds alight when the band take it on the road sometime soon.


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