Hot Shit: Dave C. Rupert’s ‘Taunt’


By Jack

On a swooping & moody indie rock tune, Dave C. Ruppert announces himself as yet another hugely talented young rocker to hail from Manchester. When will Manchester stop providing? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

‘Taunt’ is a paranoid tune about the doldrums of a truly dreadful relationship. The kind where any real warmth has gone and you’re both just stumbling along, staying together through sheer inaction.

Rock music may be built upon songs about soured relationships and while the theme may be universal, there is subtle shading and attention to detail. The lyrics are a challenge to unpick, coiling around the prickly guitar riff with flair. The melody is simple, but allows the listener a musical lifeline to hold onto in the dark & stormy lyricism.

Rupert stayed away from social media while he honed his craft, a venerable decision. Now he’s come out of the cold, a confident and stylish performer, and we couldn’t be happier. One to keep an eye on.

Follow Dave C. Rupert here.

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