Maria Lynn rakes an ex over the coals on ‘Petty’ – Review

maria lynnn

By Jack

Social media does bad things to the psyche. We simply are not calibrated to maintain friendships in the hundreds, to watch our contemporaries prosper and vainglorious ‘influencers’ try to sway us. Most of all, we simply cannot help checking up on our exes once in a while. Just to see what’s up. I hope it’s going dreadfully for you pal.

‘Petty’ is that feeling in spades. The latest from Jersey up-and-comer Maria Lynn, ‘Petty’ captures that moment of self-loathing perfectly. You hate yourself for being, well, ‘petty’, but one thing is for sure: you hate them more.

Saw your picture yesterday, looks like your happy now” is how Maria opens this one way dialogue with her ex: with the sort of steely gaze that says if she could reach through your Facebook wall and choke every last stupid breath from your stupid desiccated body, then she absolutely would. It isn’t long before her words catch up with her sentiment: “Am I wrong if I’m hoping that she breaks your heart?“. Yeah a little, but we’ve all been there.

‘Petty’ is a song of staggering bitterness – but the delivery is so sweet and the instrumentation so spritely that it doesn’t feel mean spirited. Just honest. Some people you really do wish would have every conceivable bad thing happen to them, everything short of a plague of locusts and tickets to see The Script in concert.

Maria Lynn’s latest is a fantastically vivid and true comment on social media envy and lingering heartache. Empathic and empowering in equal measure. Keep an eye on Maria. 2018 surely holds big things.

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