Zoology bring spring early on the Bloom EP – Review


By Jack

January in the UK is rubbish. It’s cold, rainy, icy and everyone is still hungover and jaded after violating their NY resolutions after 4 days of no trans-fats. Thank god for Zoology.

The Canadian-British duo preside over a gorgeously bright and upbeat EP of feel-good indie. This is an EP more about emotion than precision, with densely stacked vocals that often slip the listener’s grasp. Emily Krueger’s writing is lavishly detailed, rewarding repeat listens.

Her sugar-sweet vocals are complimented perfectly by the music around her. Jittery beats, fragments of softly rendered riffs and bass that punctuates but rarely forms a constant. The result is an EP of brittle, dreamy indie pop.


There is a terrific sense of flow – each song providing a heavenly glide from one fluffy white cloud to the next. ‘Waterfalls’ does come slightly closer to the indie pop norm, with a more relaxed beat and persistent instrumentation, but ‘Sakura’ ends the EP with an impressionistic sheen.

The Bloom EP is truly heavenly, and while the days are short and the central heating is still on, soon the weather – and our spirits – will catch up with Zoology.

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