Rae Morris climaxes on new sex jam ‘Lower The Tone’ – Review

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Rae Morris would like to have some sex, please. She told us this last year when she released the superlative ‘Do It’, a track that made her desire for a bit of rough and tumble quite clear. “We could write another duet, or instead babe we could just do it, do it, do it,” was the infectious refrain, Morris politely making the case for a bit of foreplay at the very least.

‘Do It’ was flirtatious and at times coy, Morris’ direct approach softened by the bubbly – and relentlessly catchy – pop arrangement. But Morris is taking a different route on her latest track, the utterly sublime ‘Lower The Tone’. While we thought ‘Do It’ would be the apex of Morris’ upcoming album, her latest offering might actually – somehow – be even better.

So what can we deduce from ‘Lower The Tone’? Rae Morris is still quite keen on getting some of that sex, there’s no doubting that, though now her approach is profoundly different. The girlish mischief of ‘Do It’ has been replaced by stark electronics, Morris’ voice lacquered in robotic effects as she asks for the talking to stop and the sex to begin. There’s a strange tension between the lyrics, lustful and wanting, and their oddly asexual delivery. Perhaps the juxtaposition reflects the gulf between Morris’ internal desires and the way she expresses these to her would-be lover, obscuring her lust behind politeness and euphemisms.

‘Lower The Tone’ is a track that starts off well and just keeps getting better. Even when you think the track’s reached its nadir, a last-minute swerve elevates the song to even higher levels, Morris scaling new heights on her euphoric sex anthem. It’s a track that refuses to let you get comfortable, driving you through an unfamiliar landscape of electronic trills and sonic eruptions, its sound almost alien, its meaning universal.

Rae Morris has (once again) outdone herself on the exceptional ‘Lower The Tone’, perhaps the first truly excellent song of the year so far. Morris’ sophomore album Someone Out There is released on February 2nd, and is already shaping up to be something special. But will Rae Morris ever get laid? We’ll have to tune in to find out.


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  1. Lower the Tone is so damn good! I wanna relisten to that entire album but for some reason, I keep getting stuck in Lower the Tone! Rae Morris has such a pleasant voice and the lyrics are incredible.


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