Kalax releases awesome remix of Risky Business soundtrack


By Jack

Risky Business was a real one off wasn’t it. What was the message? Anti-capitalism or pro-capitalism? Was Lana liberating Joel or setting him up for a lifetime of disappointment? Is dunking a Porsche 928 in the river ever acceptable, even for theatrical purposes? The answer to that last question is no.

Oh baby

Something beyond dispute is the genius of the score. Krautrock legends Tangerine Dream provided a shimmering, atmospheric score of electronica that would be hugely influential. The surging, wave-like wash of eerie tones was a blueprint that many have since followed, most recently Stranger Things. Tell me the main theme doesn’t sound like ‘Get Off The Babysitter’.

Synth artist Kalax has provided his own spin on ‘Love On A Real Train’, the central theme of Risky Business.

Whilst it is impossible to capture the smoky, intimate sound of the original, this remix does not lose the subtlety. The central loop is a little louder, and a little fuller. It’s a more anthemic take, but one that still respects the minutiae that made the original so compelling.

For fans of the 80s and synthwave this is an absolute must.

Follow Kalax here.

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